Corporate Services

Would you like some Osteopathy in house?

Osteopathy & Therapeutic Massage in the comfort of your own building

Lower back pain is a major cause of discomfort and absence from work. 40% of the population are affected by back pain and up to 60% of people who are on long term sick leave cite musculoskeletal problems as the reason. (Source: Health & Safety Executive (HSE).booking_button_new

Absenteeism due to back, neck and joint problems costs a lot of money for the companies, reduced productivity and also knocks staff morale. It costs about £5 billion in sickness absence costs (Source: Clinical Standards Advisory Group).

Not all back pain is caused by work however factors at work may trigger it, or make it worse. Companies can position themselves as caring and supportive employers.

Osteopathy can provide a fast, safe, effective treatment service for low back, neck and joint pain for your employees. Earlier intervention and individualized treatment mean be able to reduce time off at work and increase productivity. Also it significantly reduces the chances of these conditions becoming chronic. (Source: Musculoskeletal Services Framework DOH 2006)

We offer corporate rates for these problems in your locality and help your work force return to work faster. It can also reduce time taken off by employees as they have the facilities on site to have an appointment, meaning they no longer need to leave the premises for treatments.

Osteopathy is a recommended therapy by the NHS for low back pain, neck pain and pain from arthritis. It helps pain management and gives support.

Because Osteopaths are primary care practitioners, patients do not need a GP referral in order to get Osteopathic treatment. If necessary, Osteopaths can also refer patients and provide basic health assessments.

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